Crestone Charter School
Volunteer Opportunities
Here at the Crestone Charter School we are so thankful that so many of you have volunteered your time, talents, and energy to our school. That's the reason CCS is such an exceptional school. Did you know that the estimated value of a volunteer in Colorado is $25.10/hour? So much of what we offer would not be possible without your efforts. There's more though. Volunteers demonstrate the amount of support an organization has within a community and that statistic is often the first thing Grantors look at when deciding who to fund. For this reason, it's really important to track all our volunteer hours, but with so many of you volunteering, that's a really hard job.

Thankfully, we can use a little technology to make things easier! Now you can use your computer or smart phone to help us keep track of all the time you give. It's extremely easy to use and the entire process takes just a few moments.
  • Step One: Click Here -----> to head over to our On-line Volunteer Time Tracker and create a profile.
  • Step Two:  Log Your Hours! Actually, we can add some for you right now. Drop down the Activity Menu and look for " Volunteer Sign Up". Enter the date, the time you volunteered and any notes you want to make!
  • Step Three: That's it.....just two steps! can download the app if you want. 
If you have any problems, please call me at the school (719) 256-4907  or just stop on by! 
Google Embedded Calendar

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