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Respect, Integrity, Creativity

Crestone Charter School

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Ski & Snowboarding Program

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Personalized Learning

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High School Math Position


Seeks a Math (primary subject) and Science teacher for our multi-age highschool students.


Our new teacher will coach our students to

  • appreciate the creativity and beauty of mathematics,
  • ask deep questions,
  • explore the rich set of connections and applicability of mathematics and
  • develop mathematical growth mindsets.

Our new teacher is well versed in differentiated instruction and enjoys the art of meeting each student’s needs.

Our new teacher ideally is also comfortable teaching high school sciences, and outdoor education.

Our new teacher forges strong mentor relationships with students.


Crestone Charter School is a small rural charter school located in the town of Crestone Colorado, close to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Crestone is a town tucked into the foothills of some of the most remote and rugged wilderness in Colorado, the Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range. Crestone is an open-minded, adventurously unique, isolated, and tight-knit community serving more than twenty spiritual retreat centers of different creeds, with a population of 1,200 residents.


The Charter School is the main centerpiece of this community, and as such, the faculty and staff have a shared and very public sense of responsibility for creating and maintaining the highest standards in education.  


We have implemented a progressive form of proficiency based education that centers around standards based project and experiential education. In addition to facilitating learning for all the commonly tested content areas of a traditional education, CCS teachers guide students through six non-academic content areas specific to our charter school. These are self-awareness and character development, artistic skills, service learning, environmental awareness, life-skills / health / body awareness, and cultural awareness. These “core values” are woven into everything we do and are emphasized through and during our outdoor and travel programing.  


Our small number of eighty-eight students in grades K-12, within the five multi-age class units in our environmentally conscious schoolhouse, requires all faculty and staff to closely work together and participate in decision making.  Teachers are empowered and expected to guide their group of learners along the path of self-discovery and academic growth. Teachers are also expected to use their professional ethics and best judgement when designing projects and thematic units, including field trips to engage student learning.


One of the major benefits of Crestone Charter School is the awesome trips designed by the teachers to expose the students a world outside of our community. Ergo, teachers must be capable of planning the logistics, including budgeting, for short term and long term field trips. Teachers must be comfortable driving our twelve-passenger vans for said trips. High school trips are longer and more intense than other grades, and include international travel experiences every other year. Additionally, our teachers come to us with a love for outdoor education, including camping, hiking, swimming and skiing/snowboarding.


Our decisions are driven by the immediate needs of the children we serve. Our teachers have the voice and choice that some teachers in traditional schools have lost. Our teachers are not burdened with scripted lessons. Our school has the trust and support of the Governing Council that we serve. Our students encompass individuality and creative expression. They are extremely bright, and good-natured, especially with one another. They encourage one another and support each other’s academic success. Our school progressively redefines the possibilities of rural academic excellence; for those in the industry functioning at the level of change agent, this is an amazing place to be.  


Job Description:

  • Have a deep and continual understanding of content related to high school math (primarily), and science       (preferably) classes
  • Be able to differentiate and individualized learning plans to cater to student needs
  • Utilize data to drive instructional planning
  • Create lesson plans that go beyond the scope of the classroom (experiential learning)  
  • Plan, facilitate and implement in-state, out-of-state, and/or international trips (twice a year)
  • Participate in the ski/snowboard physical education program from January-March/April
  • Must be qualified to drive a 12 passenger van (clean driving and insurance record)


Job Qualifications Preferences:

  • Previous teaching experience, or completion of a teacher certification program
  • Have previous experience with high-poverty education areas
  • Previous involvement with experiential learning
  • Willing to engage in outdoor activities at high altitude


The Crestone Charter School is an equal opportunity employer.

Application Details


Hiring Timeline: (all dates may be subject to change)

May 1, 2018 Applications due

May 4, 2018 Invitation for candidates to interview

May 7-11, 2018 Online interviews

May 14-18, 2018 Finalist(s) visit to Crestone


The position remains open until filled.


Please submit the following (in one file, preferably PDF):

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • 3 recent letters of recommendations
  • 3 additional references

Send to Marie-Louise Baker at  


Please call 719-256-4907 with any questions

A Call for High School Mentors

One of the many things that makes the Crestone Charter School a unique place to learn and grow is our high school mentorship program. CCS mentorships open a window for students to explore exciting subjects and gain valuable skills and experiences that would otherwise be out of reach in such a small rural school. In addition, the program offers a way for our diverse Crestone community members to share their knowledge and professional experience with the younger generation. The CCS mentorship program, like the Crestone community itself, is dynamic, creative, and always evolving.

Through their mentorships, CCS students have an opportunity to learn skills and develop talents that they may never have been exposed to otherwise: Practical skills like cooking, first aid, and outdoor survival. Marketable skills like sustainable building, permaculture, and entrepreneurship. Creative skills like fine arts and music. Life-enriching skills like creative writing, personal fitness, and meditation. These are just a few of the possibilities.

CCS is looking for outstanding mentorship opportunities for our 2017-18 high school students. Crestone is a unique community of artists, builders, healers, and teachers of all kinds.  Our community is home to many people who are highly skilled and successful in their areas of passion. By choosing to become CCS mentors, community members can give the gift of their knowledge and experience to an amazing group of young people who are poised to make a huge positive impact on our future. In addition to receiving a modest paid stipend, CCS mentors can give something truly valuable back to the young people of our community. It can be a deeply rewarding experience for students and mentors alike. Experience working with young people is helpful, but not essential. Enthusiasm and a strong desire to give back to our community is a must. If you are interested in becoming a CCS high school mentor, or have any questions about our mentorship program, please email Deb Morley: .