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Enrollment Information

Enrollment forms for the 2017/2018 school year will be available for download soon.

In the meantime, please contact the CCS office with any questions.



Enrollment Policy

Crestone Charter School Enrollment Policy

The mission of the Crestone Charter School is to provide a stimulating experiential program that nurtures each student’s sense of wonder and natural desire to learn, in a creatively structured atmosphere, emphasizing academic excellence and uniqueness of character. We strive to inspire healthy responsibility in relationship with self, community and environment, both locally and globally.

Due to the specialized mission of the Crestone Charter School, the program’s goal to offer highly individualized instruction, and the size of our facility, Crestone Charter School sets a limit on class enrollments.

Application Process

A complete application for new students includes the following:

  1. Parent(s) and student(s) tour the school and meet with Director
  2. Family completes and submits enrollment application
  3. Records from previous school(s) are submitted (if applicable)


Application Timeframe The applications for the following academic year are accepted beginning October 10th. All applications for the following year are due by 8:00 AM the second Wednesday in May. In the event that space is still available in a classroom after that date, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Applications are not kept on file from year to year. If a family whose child or children are not enrolled chooses to re-apply they must do so each year. CCS is not responsible to remind parents or guardians to apply.

Returning Students

CCS sends out re-enrollment packets to current students by the first week of April each year. Re-enrollment forms must be returned to CCS by Friday of the first week of May.

Enrollment Process

The following ranked priorities shall be observed in the enrollment and lottery process:

1. Currently enrolled students.

2. Children of full-time contracted employees.

3. Students returning from an approved sabbatical (1) .

4. Siblings (2) of currently enrolled students and siblings and children (3) of alumni (4) .

5. Students who live within district who have applied and not gained acceptance in the previous year. Priority within this ranking will be given to the students who have applied for the most consecutive years.

6. Students who live within Moffat District 2

7. Out-of-district students.

1 – A student and their family must apply for sabbatical prior to the application deadline (8:00 a.m. the second Wednesday of May). Sabbatical policies and application forms are available in the office and will be reviewed in consultation with the student, the family, the student’s current teacher, and the director. Families who do not apply for sabbatical or are not approved for sabbatical and choose to leave CCS for the year will need to re-apply and will be entered into the enrollment process using the above ranked priorities.

2 - A sibling(s), as defined by Crestone Charter School, is a person who has a brother or sister currently enrolled at Crestone Charter School and shares with the brother or sister at least one common biological or adoptive or permanent custodial (with full parental rights) parent. A child must be in the physical custody of the biological/adoptive/permanent custodial parent and the legal relationship for a biological/adoptive/permanent custodial parent must be formally documented to show completion of the legal process or formal placement pending completion of legal process before a child will be considered a sibling to receive sibling priority. In an adoption from a foreign country, the legal adoption documents may be from the country from which a child is adopted pending final adoption paperwork from the United States of America.

3 – A child of the biological, adoptive, or permanent custodial parent.

4 – An alumni is a graduate of Crestone Charter School.

Lottery Process

Following the enrollment process, should the number of applicants exceed the enrollment openings for a given classroom, at 8:00 a.m. on the second Thursday of May, a lottery shall be conducted for each of the ranked priority groups that exceed classroom size limits. A neutral third party will observe the lottery process. In the event of multiple birth (twins, triplets, etc.) applicants for a classroom, only one name will be entered in the lottery. If that name is selected, their siblings will automatically be selected. Applicants who are drawn in the primary lottery will be notified in writing and by phone no later than the Friday following the lottery, and must accept or decline enrollment by the date set forth in the enrollment notification letter. Applicants may call the school to check lottery results no sooner than the morning following the lottery. Once the lottery is complete and the enrollment roster is finalized, remaining applicants will be placed on a waitlist for the applicable school year only. The order of the waitlist will be established for each grade by the same lottery system. Should a space become available, the first person on the waitlist will be contacted via phone (all phone numbers on file will be called). From the date of first contact, 5 working days will be given to receive call back. If contact is not made within that time, the next person on the waitlist will be contacted. Claiming enrollment Names will be removed from the waitlist for the following reasons: 1. Refusal of an available slot. Once a slot is declined for any reason, that child’s name will be deleted from the waitlist. 2. No response to phone calls or mail sent to parents. It is the sole responsibility of the parent to keep us informed of any changes in address and phone numbers so that Crestone Charter School can contact the parent when needed. Class Size determination The Director shall determine how many openings are available for each class based on the class size determination guidelines below. Early Elementary (K-1), Primary (2-3) and Intermediate (4-5) classrooms will ordinarily contain no more than 16 students per classroom. Class size may exceed sixteen students in the event of retention or advancement of currently enrolled students based on that student’s individual needs. New students will only be accepted if class size falls below 16. Middle School (6-8) will ordinarily contain no more than 24 students. Class size may exceed 24 students in the event of retention or advancement of currently enrolled students based on that student’s individual needs. New students will only be accepted if class size falls below 24. Link high school (9-12) will allow all of the CCS 8th grade students a space in the LINK program. New students will only be accepted if overall enrollment falls below 24. Students with Special Needs New students in special education will be admitted conditionally upon review of their IEP. Such IEP review must be carried out by an IEP team. The IEP team may determine, consistent with state and federal law, whether the student can receive a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) at CCS. If so, the student ‘s enrollment shall be final. Students in special education may be placed on or removed from the waiting list for the same reasons, and under the same conditions, as a student in regular education.

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New Students - Enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year is will be open soon!   

In the meantime, please, take some time to read over our enrollment policy.