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Respect, Integrity, Creativity

Crestone Charter School

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Ski & Snowboarding Program

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Personalized Learning

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Early Elementary Description

Classroom Description

BFF Class PhotoThis class is the first experience that a child will receive at the Crestone Charter School. It is here that students will begin their reading, writing, math, and social skills, as well as, body awareness and outdoor education. The approach to learning here is based on a community of learners that will use respect and kindness as the building blocks to help each other find the highest good. Much of what students learn here will serve them well as they navigate their way through life. Each child will explore what it means to try their best and join in group activities, as they feel comfortable. The goal here is to allow each child to gain self confidence, feel compassion for their neighbors, and explore their individual talents and gifts.

Career Opportunity


Seeks a Math (primary subject) and Science teacher for our multi-age highschool students. For the full job description, please follow the link.