Student Leadership Council

Crestone Charter School StudentLeadershipCouncil is comprised of 2-3 student representatives from each classroom grades 2nd-12th.  Student representatives are elected by students in the older grades.  In the primary classroom the teacher selects students based on leadership and character qualities. StudentLeadershipcouncil meets two times per month and more if necessary.  StudentLeadershipCouncil members are trained in Conflict Resolution and Mediation each fall.  Members then act as peer mediators for peers in their classroom and at other age levels.  SLC members act as representatives for their peers.  If issues arise in their class they bring these issues to the council and the council decides a course of action.  Issues may range from peer conflicts to school protocols to student-teacher interactions.  The last role that the SLC has is to act as a hearing board for conflicts that arise or disciplinary issues that arise that the classroom SOP's and COC's can not adequately address.  Depending on the conflict/disciplinary issue, the primary and intermediate students may not be asked to be in the hearing.  In some cases younger students may take part in the hearings with parent permission.  During a hearing, SLC members listen to all sides of parties involved.  This involves listening to what happened and listening to needs for reparations.  SLC members next deliberate without the parties in the room and decide on a course of action that will restore justice.  The School Counselor assists the SLC in note taking and meeting formats, but students lead all meetings including the conflict/disciplinary hearings.