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Daya Sheide


Jeff "Daya" Sheide has eight years teaching experience and holds his teaching license in Social Studies as well as licensure as a Special Education resource instructor for Gifted and Talented students. Before teaching in Santa Fe public schools he served as the Senior Librarian at Carnegie Library in Pittsburg. He said this was a wonderful early career for him since he had a hard time choosing one area of study or focus---being a librarian allowed him access to study everything! Daya holds a BA in English from University of Ohio and an MA in Library Science from University of PA. His areas of specialization, as well as his affinity for relevant, creative instruction makes him a great fit for Crestone Charter School and our middle school students.

Career Opportunity


Seeks a Math (primary subject) and Science teacher for our multi-age highschool students. For the full job description, please follow the link.