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Robin Blankenship

Robin Blankenship began classroom teaching in the Boulder County Schools in 1990, after graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder with an

RobinElementary Teaching Certification, and a degree in English Literature specializing in Shakespeare and Biblical Influences on Western Literature. 

She also focused her education on Spanish Language, Mathematics, and Astronomy. She worked with K-1 combined classrooms and bilingual 6th grades in 
Boulder, Colorado. She taught K-3 Montessori for one year in Evergreen, Colorado and taught one year of Waldorf, in Gunbarrel, Colorado, just before moving to
She runs her Primitive Living and Survival Skills business, Earth Knack, locally and nationally, and internationally, teaching cultural immersion programs in communities that still live traditional lifestyles.  Robin is an author, Earth Knack: Stone Age Skills for the 21st Century, published by Gibbs Smith Publishers, in 1996, and a singer songwriter with a CD titled My Loin Cloth Has No Pockets, produced with Don Richmond in 2007.  She is adjunct faculty for Experiential and Outdoor Education at Prescott, Antioch, and Evergreen State Colleges and Alfred University. She also teaches archaeo - astronomy classes for the American  Crestone. She has three children who have attended the Charter and Moffat Schools. 
Museum of Natural History, New York, running field programs in Chaco Canyon National Heritage Site.




Career Opportunity


Seeks a Math (primary subject) and Science teacher for our multi-age highschool students. For the full job description, please follow the link.