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A Call for High School Mentors

One of the many things that makes the Crestone Charter School a unique place to learn and grow is our high school mentorship program. CCS mentorships open a window for students to explore exciting subjects and gain valuable skills and experiences that would otherwise be out of reach in such a small rural school. In addition, the program offers a way for our diverse Crestone community members to share their knowledge and professional experience with the younger generation. The CCS mentorship program, like the Crestone community itself, is dynamic, creative, and always evolving.

Through their mentorships, CCS students have an opportunity to learn skills and develop talents that they may never have been exposed to otherwise: Practical skills like cooking, first aid, and outdoor survival. Marketable skills like sustainable building, permaculture, and entrepreneurship. Creative skills like fine arts and music. Life-enriching skills like creative writing, personal fitness, and meditation. These are just a few of the possibilities.

CCS is looking for outstanding mentorship opportunities for our 2017-18 high school students. Crestone is a unique community of artists, builders, healers, and teachers of all kinds.  Our community is home to many people who are highly skilled and successful in their areas of passion. By choosing to become CCS mentors, community members can give the gift of their knowledge and experience to an amazing group of young people who are poised to make a huge positive impact on our future. In addition to receiving a modest paid stipend, CCS mentors can give something truly valuable back to the young people of our community. It can be a deeply rewarding experience for students and mentors alike. Experience working with young people is helpful, but not essential. Enthusiasm and a strong desire to give back to our community is a must. If you are interested in becoming a CCS high school mentor, or have any questions about our mentorship program, please email Deb Morley: .

Career Opportunity


Seeks a Math (primary subject) and Science teacher for our multi-age highschool students. For the full job description, please follow the link.