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Student/Parent Handbook

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Rachelle Wilson

Wilson Rachelle

Rachelle Wilson joined Crestone Charter School in August of 2017. She came to Crestone from Indianapolis, Indiana, where she spent the first seven years of her career teaching for Indianapolis Public Schools. Rachelle received her Education Degree from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Besides teaching English and Social Studies, Rachelle enjoys coaching basketball and instructing physical education classes at CCS. Her favorite thing about living in Crestone, besides the students, is the ability to walk out her front door and up the mountains.



Cristina Cabeza-Kinney

Cristina CabezaCristina Cabeza Kinney received her Bachelor's of Science in Communication and Business from Florida State University in 2000. She has worked as a community organizer, group facilitator and as Director of two non-profit organizations. For the past several years, as Business Manager, she has helped build her family's local business at Blue Earth Design. Cristina is a CCS parent of 10 years and a Crestone resident of 14. She loves creating, singing, dancing and sauntering in the woods with loved ones. Seeing the children of Crestone on the daily, supporting their learning and growth, is a joy to her. Her co-workers feed her funny bone and are truly inspiring. The dynamism of her position satisfies her creative spirit and nurtures her value of being a lifelong learner. She loves CCS!



Jeanne Babiez

Jean BabiezJeanne Babiez moved to Crestone after visiting one time! She read about Crestone Charter School and envisioned herself teaching at our school. She and her life partner, Jay are building a home to enjoy here in Crestone. Jeanne has a Bachelor Degree in Science Education, Earth Space, and Physics. Her Master's Degree is in Science Education from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma. She has taught Earth Space, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Born in New Jersey on the Delaware River, she lived in Florida for 34 years. She has been involved with Scouts, Boy Scouts of America for 15 years as her children grew into young adults. She has worked summers teaching Environmental Outdoor Education at Philmont Scout Ranch, the largest summer camp in the world in Cimarron, NM. Jeanne loves to be outside; hiking and cycling are two of her hobbies.

 Jeanne has been a natural teacher her whole life. She has been a camp counselor since high school and realized the need to reach students through being outside teaching science and math concepts so youth have a connection to the real world. She figured since she loved it so much that she could make it fun for others to learn too. Having an impact on others lives to bring positive energy and excitement in learning is part of Jeanne’s passion for teaching students of all ages. Jeanne considers this opportunity to teach her in the mountains her dream job and will work to bring the outdoors inside and the inside outdoors as our students learn concepts of math and science.



Ashlee Jernigan

ashlee jerniganAshlee Jernigan teaches 2nd and 3rd grade. Ashlee went to school at Miami University of Ohio for education and fine arts. She has been working at the Charter School for 4 years, starting as the middle school art teacher and aide. She is passionate about learning in a creative and hands on way. Her experience as an art teacher allows her to look at teaching standards in a unique way. She loves the small setting of the classroom that allows the students to receive the individual learning they deserve. 

Maria-Louise Baker

ML Baker

Marie-Louise is the interim director for 2016/17. She has a strong and dedicated relationship with CCS - seven years as mother of a student, one year as Governing Council member, and almost four years as project director being instrumental in obtaining the grant and managing the design and construction of the new campus. ‘One of the aspects of CCS that most delights me is the engaged relationship between teachers and students. How together they work out individual learning paths incorporating the unique strengths that best suit each student. Our students discover and create their world with curiosity. I enjoy the school’s caring and creative atmosphere every time I enter the building.

Audrey McDowall

Audrey moved to Crestone in 2016 to begin her teaching career. She studied English and Education at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York, graduating in spring of 2015.  During her college years, she taught in a variety of schools from Portland Place School in London, England to Gouverneur Middle School. She plans on continuing her education in the next few years.

This year, she is ecstatic to develop students as readers, writers, and researchers of human civilization. The unique qualities of this school allow her to flex her creativity in the classroom, and connect lessons to science, math, everyday life, and each student individually.

Michael Pacheco


Michael Pacheco

Michael Pacheco was  hired to be the school’s first onsite IT and Building Systems Manager.  Michael has a background in Organizational Management and Computer Information Systems from DeVry University. Michael's career has taken him to both the environmental and public health sectors, where he used his knowledge of technology and business to design highly successful and innovative systems that reduced overhead cost and increased productivity. Michael has a passion for learning and believes education and technology are the cornerstones of our civilization. Michael also participates on the school's Mentorship Program, teaching programing and electronics classes. 

Robin Blankenship

Robin Blankenship began classroom teaching in the Boulder County Schools in 1990, after graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder with an

RobinElementary Teaching Certification, and a degree in English Literature specializing in Shakespeare and Biblical Influences on Western Literature. 

She also focused her education on Spanish Language, Mathematics, and Astronomy. She worked with K-1 combined classrooms and bilingual 6th grades in 
Boulder, Colorado. She taught K-3 Montessori for one year in Evergreen, Colorado and taught one year of Waldorf, in Gunbarrel, Colorado, just before moving to
She runs her Primitive Living and Survival Skills business, Earth Knack, locally and nationally, and internationally, teaching cultural immersion programs in communities that still live traditional lifestyles.  Robin is an author, Earth Knack: Stone Age Skills for the 21st Century, published by Gibbs Smith Publishers, in 1996, and a singer songwriter with a CD titled My Loin Cloth Has No Pockets, produced with Don Richmond in 2007.  She is adjunct faculty for Experiential and Outdoor Education at Prescott, Antioch, and Evergreen State Colleges and Alfred University. She also teaches archaeo - astronomy classes for the American  Crestone. She has three children who have attended the Charter and Moffat Schools. 
Museum of Natural History, New York, running field programs in Chaco Canyon National Heritage Site.




School Counselor 

Crestone Charter School seeks an inspired and highly qualified licensed School Counselor with Master’s degree to work and deliver services to our K-12 student population of approximately 80 students.


2-3 Teacher

Our new teacher forges strong mentor relationships with students.

Our new teacher teaches Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Our new teacher provides strong early literacy education and interventions.

Our new teacher is well versed in differentiated instruction and is passionate about meeting

each student’s needs.

Our new teacher is comfortable teaching outdoor education.